Welcome to BestDogLife

Welcome to BestDogLife

Thank you for visiting my site about training of and successful and informed life care for dogs.

What makes me qualified to give this advice? My name is Jay Carpenter. I'm a former (you could say retired) small animal veterinarian for 27 years in Colorado, and I have a real passion for dogs.

The training part... as a veterinarian I saw on a daily basis the toll that poor or no training took on dogs and their people in enjoyment and health. For the dog, a lack of training all-to-often means that it seldom if ever gets the exercise it needs, wants and deserves.

The dog might not be able to enjoy the company of other dogs because it may never have been socialized. This often results in dog aggression, which is the ultimate in canine isolation from its own species. Can you imagine the stress and loneliness that could create in our dogs?!

The range of bad behaviors that can result from a lack of proper training is obvious to anyone who has ever had or been around a dog without training:

  • accidents in the house (hint: these episodes are not "accidents")
  • chewing up anything and everything
  • jumping on people
  • aggression towards people (as well as dog aggression)
  • stealing food from the table or countertops
  • begging
  • incessant barking
  • weight gain
  • separation anxiety
  • and on and on and on.

I list these under the affects that lack of training has on dogs because these dogs are not happy! They are getting in trouble with their people at every turn. "No! No! No!" is all they hear. Would you be happy hearing "No!" every time you did almost anything? No one could be happy like that.

The ultimate negative affect on our untrained dogs can be, and often is, abandonment and euthanasia; a horrible waste of an animal's life and a horrible sadness for anyone involved.

And what about the affects an untrained dog has on us, the people in this discussion:

  • FRUSTRATION at every turn
  • loss of $ due to damage to their environment (shoes, books, furniture, landscaping, car interiors, etc.,etc.
  • Costly vet bills due to "bad behavior" situations.
  • Loss of human socialization because friends and family don't want to be subjected to being jumped on, barked at, and, in general, they just don't like your dog's behavior. Maybe your friends and family don't like your behavior when you're around your dog.
  • We can develop a dislike for our own dog, and we just GIVE UP.
  • How does giving up on anything affect us? We feel horrible and we feel like a failure!

Please believe me when I say that in the vast majority of such frustrating situations with an untrained or under-trained dog, all of the consequences to our dogs and ourselves ARE AVOIDABLE. On the other hand when these behaviors have already begun, they CAN BE CORRECTED.

Couldn't be happier!

So, whether bad behaviors are there already or you want to avoid the bad behaviors from the beginning, YOU CAN HAVE THE DOG YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED, AND YOUR DOGS CAN HAVE THE HAPPY, HEALTHY, AND ACTIVE LIFE THEY DESERVE!!

I can't be more emphatic than that.

The life care part of this site will consist of information that you as a dog owner can use to evaluate whatever symptoms your dog may be showing so that you can decide for yourself when it is important to see your vet or when some "tincture of time" might be able to help you avoid some expensive veterinary fees.

This information will not include any diagnoses as the only one who can give you an accurate diagnosis is your veterinarian. The goal of the information will be to give you some piece of mind to not overly worry about relatively minor issues that can be addressed when you have more time and money, and, on the other hand, to reassure your decision to see your vet soon for a serious problem that deserves prompt attention.

I will be covering symptoms of illness and dis-ease from head to tail so you can have access to easily available veterinary guidance and symptom discussions.