6 Reasons to Take Your Dog on a Boat Tour

Dog Boat Adventure
A boat cruise adventure with the dogs.

Looking for an adventure for you and your canine companion? In today’s dog friendly environment dogs are allowed almost anywhere including boats. To experience something new we took our dog on a boat tour around the city. We enjoyed the first experience so much that we went on a second trip recently. I’d recommend the experience, here are some reasons why:

Bring your dog on a boat cruise adventure…

1. Share a fun experience with your dog

I always experience a certain joy seeing my dog enjoy new smells, sounds and sights.  So, a boat tour definitely hits the mark there. It serves as a huge stimulant to your senses and your dog’s – the smell of the water, the breeze as the boat cruises through the water, the sounds of excited dogs on the boat and all the sites on the water and surroundings. Because our dog was enjoying the experience – he stuck his head out of the railings to get the full smells of the river and the feel of the wind in his face. He also sniffed lots of butts, digested numerous treats and got a bunch of attention from us and the other seafarers.

2. Meet new dogs and their owners

The boat tour is definitely a place to meet like-minded people who like to share their experiences with their furry friends.  So, it’s a great opportunity to pet cute dogs and have other people tell you how great your dog is and enjoy the compliments.  Not only does your dog get to meet some new friends, but you could also meet your new best friend, future partner or just some new acquaintances.  It’s a great reason to go out and be social with an ice-breaker, namely your dog.

3. Tire out your dog for a relaxing day

With all their senses being overloaded – your dog will most likely need a nap after the boat tour. And you might need one too.  It’s always more fun to enjoy an experience together with your furry friend, rather than leaving him or her at home alone.  It also a bit more exciting than your normal routine – provides a nice break from your everyday walk. Our dog always gets very excited when he finds out we are going on a trip. So, he starts to jump up and down – a great site to behold and starting point for the trip. Then after the trip he passes out on the couch with a smile on his face. Mission accomplished – a tired dog and a fun day for everyone. 

4. Check off an item on your dog’s bucket list

We developed a bucket list for our dog some time ago. He is a senior dog and we wanted to maximize our time with him. So we developed a whole list of items we wanted to experience with him. Taking a boat tour was definitely on the list. Our list is fairly long from feeding him a burger to riding a police car.  We are making progress on the list on a weekly basis – we try to plan an event each week.

5. Capture a memorable moment in time

Sadly the life span of our canine companions is relatively short compared to ours – so we have to enjoy as many memorable moments as possible. We enjoy freezing these moments in time by creating videos and taking pictures of the occasion. So many unexpected and fun things happen that you want to remember over time.  It’s always nice to look back at these moments when you’re having a bad day – automatically puts a smile on my face.

6. Share the experience with friends and family

What is better than having a great time with your furry friend? Sharing it with family and friends?  After the boat ride we shared our photos and videos with our friends and family on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Since our family is all over the place geographically, this is a great way to stay connected. It was enjoyable to see the comments and reaction to our boat tour. It also gives other dog owners some ideas of things they can do with their dogs based on a solid recommendation.

So in conclusion….if you get the chance, take your dog on a boat tour. You won’t regret it.

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