5 Screams for Howlloween with BatDog

BatDog celebrating Howllween

Halloween or as I like to call it “Howlloween” is one of the best times to spend with your furry companion. Looking back on this year’s night of trick or treat made me think of the five things that made this evening worthy of a scream in fright or delight. So here are five observations:

1. Pick the right costume for your dog

Did you know? More people, especially millennials, are buying costumes for their pets. Twenty percent did so in 2018, up from 16 percent in 2017. Here is a list of 47 great outfits for your entertainment. I found one in particular to be quite entertaining – that was a costume based on the movie “Chucky”.  This was definitely a scream. Check out the video.

Where is Chucky?

Although there are many great outfits that you can buy– we found it more fun to create our own dog costume – not any task for a 90lb dog.  After careful consideration, feedback from a focus group (just joking) and a trip to the craft store and many hours of measuring many times, cutting once a new outfit was born. Our very own bbbbbbb…..Batdog came to life – definitely a delight.  Here is a video of our BatDog protecting the streets from mayhem on Halloween.  This is also a great excuse to dress up and find a matching outfit with your dog.

2. Enter a Costume Contest andDonate to Animal Rescues to Celebrate

We truly embraced the occasion by entering a Halloween costume contest. All the proceeds for the winners went to a dog rescue so it was a great reason to participate.  We got to see many fun and creative costumes. It was a great chance to get some ideas for next year’s Howlloween.  It’s never too early to get started with the planning.  It was a very festive occasion that we enjoyed celebrating together.

3. Enjoy fright night with your best friend

It was really fun to walk around town to see people smirking, smiling and enjoying seeing our dog in the outfit.  He was an epic Batdog…with every step he took the bat wings would flutter up and down as if he was about to fly to his next caped crusader adventure.  His unique costume got high praise as we passed city dwellers in our pursuit to safeguard the streets. Our dog definitely enjoyed the attention. It was a win for everyone involved.

4. Happy hour is the right time on Howllween

To celebrate this annual trick or treat occasion, we took our dog to a yappy hour.  This was a great excuse to leave the house for an adventure and a lot of fun.  Meeting a bunch of dogs in different costumes and their owners was a blast.  The dogs and their outfits were an instant ice breaker and conversation starter. Our Batdog enjoyed the butt sniffing, treats and attention.  Even a caped crusader needs to let their wings settle and enjoy the occasion.

5. Spreading Howllween Fun Across the Globe

Our family and friends got a chance to share the adventure with us via social media. We took some great photos and videos for everyone to see. So even though our loved ones weren’t there in person they could experience our Howlloween and more important Batdog for themselves.  Everyone was duly impressed by the Batdog outfit based on the “Likes” and comments. Sharing these experiences is a great way to stay in touch with the ones you care.

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