Demystifying Coronavirus for Dogs

Keep clean and carry on to avoid the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus or as it is formally know COVID-19 is a virus that dogs can not contract. The virus can however, live on a dogs fur after being touched by an infected human. So as you’ve already heard it’s important to wash your hands especially when petting or handling a dog.

The Other Corona Virus…Don’t Get Confused

Although dogs can not get infected by the human form of Coronavirus – they are susceptible to the dog form of the virus. This virus has existed for some time and is not the same as the mutated COVID-19 virus. So if you find out a dog has tested positive for Coronavirus – it would be for the dog version of the virus. So there is no need to be alarmed. This is a normal state of fairs and nothing to cause a panic about.

To stay informed check out resources like this blog – Austin Pets Alive to get the latest scoop on dogs and the Corona virus.

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